Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership Ministries
Saturday, January 31, 2015
Pinecrest Is A Happy Camp!


Our Mission Statement
     The mission of Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership Ministries is to develop leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church; to train young women and men to serve Christ's church more ably by personal spiritual growth and increase of knowledge; develop in them a deeper loyalty to their Savior Jesus Christ; and instill in them a true sense of their responsibilities as Christians.

Our Program 
Pinecrest meets annually in late August for a one-week session of morning classes, afternoon activities and free time, evening programs, plus a variety of worship experiences. An annual activities theme guides the program throughout the week in group competition, athletic contests, and individual talent opportunities.
   The Pinecrest program is led by a volunteer staff of adult leaders, many of whom developed their own skills as Pinecrest campers. 
      Annual sessions have been held at various sites over the years. Currently, summer sessions are held at Camp Louemma in Sussex, New Jersey - approximately two hours from New York City, which provides ample facilities to support the more than 200 participants, including a lake and a swimming pool.
      The Pinecrest community resides in cabin villages, one for the girls, one for the boys. Each cabin is under the guidance of a veteran camper/cabin leader, who has demonstrated his or her leadership skills in previous sessions.
      Worship and classes are an integral part of the Pinecrest experience. Morning Worship, Vespers after dinner, "Spiritual Horizons" at the close of evening programs, plus nightly Devotions by cabin groups form the daily worship experiences. A Candlelight Service is conducted on the final evening of camp, and Pinecresters join in a Communion Service on the closing day.
     Classes are held each morning, and campers select one "General" and one Bible course, or, if eligible, may choose to enroll in the Seminar Course, which meets daily for both class periods.The faculty is composed of Lutheran pastors and other leaders who volunteer their time and talents to this important training program by instructing all classes, leading Vesper services, and participating in informal discussions as well as interacting with the campers.
      Scholarships are available to assure that no young people are denied this opportunity due to financial need. Many congregations offer assistance. Consult your pastor regarding local programs.Partial, and in some cases, full scholarships are available from Pinecrest through the support of alumni and others. To request a scholarship, send a detailed letter to: Rev. Paul Egensteiner, 197 Manorville Rd., Pleasantville, NY 10570.
Our Staff
Director: Rev. Paul Egensteiner
Assistant Director:  Rev. Danielle Miller
Secretary: Thomas Sargent
Business Manager: Tanya Behnke
Registrar: Peter Andrus
Assistant Registrar: Judy Andrus
Activities Directors:
         Walton Williams
        Steve Goodenough
        Jay Westerlund
         Peter Dodenhoff
Publicity Directors:
    Lucas Mietlowski
    Will Dietrich Egensteiner
Camp Hostess: Lori Blaurock
Assistant Hostess: Hedy McQuillan
Dining Hall Hostess: Judy Goodenough
 Sue Fackelman
Canteen Managers:
  George Guinan V
  Bob Blaurock
  David Vogel
   Eric Vogel
Faculty Advisor:  Lulu Paolini

Alumni Director: Diane Gilroy

Student Council President: Sean Allan
Student Council Vice President: Allie Weissleder