• Krista Feierabend

Alumni Day at Pinecrest!

Wednesday, Aug 10, at 1:30 PM - 11 PM

Get ready for Pinecrest Alumni Day! A few notes for those planning on attending: 

1. Please plan on arriving NO EARLIER than 1:30 PM. When you arrive, head to the New Canteen (next to the Buzz Office) to pick up your schedule, honorary team assignment, and SWAG BAG!

2. Please consider making a $10 minimum donation at the Canteen to cover the cost of your dinner! 

3. There will be an Alumni Association meeting held at 4:30 PM in the Dining Hall for all Alumni in attendance! 

4. Make sure you stretch before participating in sports and relay races with your team! 

5. The staff, faculty, and especially the CAMPERS can't wait to see you! 

6. MAKE SURE YOU RSVP via the Facebook Event or by emailing PinecrestAlumni@gmail.com to guarantee your SWAG BAG!

7. Consider making an extra donation to the camper's meal packing servant event by going to www.EndHungerNE.org and donating to Specific Meal Packing Event #18!

8. Pinecrest is held at Camp Louemma, 43 Louemma Lane, Sussex, NJ 07461.

Directions can be found at: http://www.camplouemma.com/directions.html

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