• Krista Feierabend

It's Adopt a Cabin Time!!!!!

Interested in adopting a cabin for Pinecrest’s 2017 session? Email Aimee at aegoodenough1@gmail.com!

What does it mean to adopt a cabin? Adopting a cabin is way for YOU, as an alumnus, to support this year’s current cabin leaders and help them make Pinecrest an above-and-beyond amazing experience for all of their campers this year. Your donation will help the cabin leader of your adopted cabin provide supplies and decorations for their cabin, team skits, banquet, and other various costs deemed appropriate by the Cabin Leader, Camp Business Manager, and “Adopt-A-Cabin” coordinator. Adopting a cabin will give you a direct link to this year’s campers, encourage inter-generational communication, and keep you in touch with what is currently happening at Pinecrest as you look back fondly on your years as a camper.

What do I need to do? Adopting a cabin costs $100. Please feel free to team up with your Pinecrest friends to cover this cost, or cover it yourself! You are encouraged to choose which cabin you would like to adopt, or ask for one to be assigned for you. If you’re attached to a certain cabin, make sure you get your request in soon!


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