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Dear Campers,

We have a new Spirit-led adventure planned for 2019! At the beginning of 2019, the former Camp Louemma informed us they would not be honoring our contract for this summer. The staff, along with your student body President and Vice President, gathered to take immediate steps to find a camp home for Summer 2019.

Our team visited a lot of wonderful camps, imagining our ministry in each location. We prayerfully considered each space, and were led to chose Camp Nawakwa for 2019!

Camp Nawakwa was founded as a Lutheran Leadership Training Camp in 1929. The facilities will meet our needs well. The pricing for camp will stay the same. And it is a beautiful campus located just outside of Gettysburg, PA.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is as longer distance to travel for many of our campers and so we will be offering coach busses to and from camp at no cost. Imagine, extra time to spend with your favorite people! Who doesn't love a road trip?!

What about 2020, you might be wondering? We are forming a search committee for a long-term home for Pinecrest as we speak. We know that whatever we land will be exactly where God is calling us to be.

On behalf of our staff, we are so grateful to be partners in this ministry with you! We are going to have an incredible summer, filled with the Holy Spirit, fun and community. Pinecrest is not a place: It is a community of disciples gathered to share God's love. Remember that Pinecrest has been house in six different camp locations in our 90+ year history!

My friends, we can be that community anywhere two or more are gathered. Because no matter where we journey, God is with us.

God bless,

Pastor Danielle

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