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Bible Says What?! Interpretations and Translations 
It is estimated that there have been over 900 English translations of the Bible.  So who gets to pick the words in the Bible?  And who determines what they mean?  Compare, contrast and explore together.  

Ancient Practices - Modern Faith

How has faith/spirituality evolved over the last 2000 years?  What ancient practices are central to Christianity in 2022?  And what is the new thing God is doing?  

If the Bible were an HBO Mini-series…

Murder. Sex. Intrigue. War.  Resurrection.  The Bible has it all!  If the Bible were an HBO miniseries, what would make the cut?  Learn about and wrestle with the scandalous stories of scripture.   

Science and Religion
Do religion and science mix?  How do we understand miracles in light of what we have learned about medicine?   Could God create the world WITH the Big Bang?  Let's come up with a hypothesis together! 

Faithful Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man of God? Explore concepts of masculinity and how some masculine gender norms can be harmful to people of all genders. This class will dive into some hard conversations. Together, we will break down dangerous assumptions and build one another up.  

Connected and Unique

There are an estimated 4,200 different religions and 34,000 different Christian denominations in the world!  What does it mean to be a person of faith in a pluralistic world?   

The Blessing of Diversity

God created a diverse world and declared it good!  God created a diverse people and declared us good!  So why are so many folks trying to make everything the same?  From biodiversity to cultural expression to gender identity, and everything in between, how do we faithfully live into our good and diverse identities in God's good and diverse world?  And assure others have the chance to do so as well.

How to Be An Advocate

Love your neighbor as yourself.  We all have the ability to influence the world around us.  Some of us have more opportunity to exercise that ability than others.  So how can we faithfully live into our God given gifts in a way that enables others to live into theirs?



Meditation and Mindfulness 

"My peace I give you."  - Jesus  Some days it doesn't feel that way.  And yet, peace is the promise.  So how can the practices of faith ground and center us in the midst of uncertainty and anxiety?  How does faith inspire us to peace, even in the midst of chaos?




Pinecrest’s 95th annual session starts on August 7-13, 2022


Any prospective camper looking to attend must be 15 years of age by December 31st 2022 or no older than 26 years of age. Attendance for the full session is required.

The seven-day session costs:

  • $450 early bird and first years for first-year campers and veterans who send in their registration before July 1.

  • Registration costs $475 after July 1 for veteran campers.

A $50 deposit is due by July 1, with the remaining balance to be paid by August 7. 


All balances are due by August 1. Early registration and timely payment of tuition is recommended. 



Assistance is available to ensure that no one is denied this opportunity due to financial need. Many congregations offer assistance, and we encourage you to have a conversation with your Pastor to see if your congregation can assist in sponsoring your week at camp. Partial, and sometimes full, scholarships are also available from Pinecrest. To request a scholarship use the Scholarship Request form and submit it to Reverend Danielle Miller at


Registration questions can be sent to: 

Phil Burns at or the publicity team,

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